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  • ‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات interactive exercises. إظهار كافة الرسائل
    ‏إظهار الرسائل ذات التسميات interactive exercises. إظهار كافة الرسائل
    English Grammar: Tenses of Verbs

    تمرين تفاعلي حول تحويل الأفعال إلى الزمن المناسب

    English With Simo

    Put The Verbs Between Brackets In The Correct Form

    1. Students (finish) the exam yesterday before the assigned time (be) over.
    2. By 2030, the government (solve) all the issues related to environment in Morocco.
    3. While I (watch) television yesterday, I (hear) my neighbor shouting outside.
    4. Listen! My father (read) the Qur’an in his room.
    5. Our country (reduce) the rate of crimes and violence by next year.
    6. The train (already/leave) when I (arrive) at the station last Sunday.
    7. It’s windy and cloudy. It (probably/rain) soon.
    8. Experts predict that the population of the world (double) by the coming years.
    9. “You should have (do) this exercise before.” The teacher said angrily.
    10. Sociologists (organize) a seminar last week. They agreed that women (gain) all their rights by 2043.
    11. Amina’s husband (already/prepare) lunch before she (get) home from work.
    12. After my cousin, Khalid, (study) economic for six years in Canada, he (get) his diploma in 2010. He (work) in many companies since 2010. Next year, he (set) up his own business company. By the end of next year, he (make) a lot of money.
    13. Owing to Covid19, many workers in private sectors are worried about (lose) their jobs.
    14. I think that by the end of this century, scientists (find) a cure to many dangerous diseases.
    15. My family (live) in Casablanca for many years before they (move) to Marrakesh.
    16. I am looking forward to (receive) an invitation letter to my best friend’s wedding celebration.
    17. In this hotel, lunch is always (serve) at 12:00. The manager must (be) so punctual.
    18. Tom (not/learn) English when he was a student. Last week, he (see) an announcement for a teaching job on T.V. He would like (apply) for the job, but he does not speak English. He wishes he (study) English, because if he (learn) the language when he was young, he (apply) for that job.
    19. My team (lose) the game yesterday because they (not/play) well. I think that if they (train) very well, they (win) that game.
    20. I love (read) English novels. Now, I (read) a novel entitled “Pride and Prejudice”. So far, I (already/finish) the first chapter. By the end of this month, I (complete) it.
    21. Mr. Jawad (get) his university degree before he (go) to USA in 2011. He (come) back to Morocco in 2019. Now, he (work) on a project in Marrakesh. He (build) a private school there next year. By the end of the year, he (build) one of the best schools in the city.
    22. We wanted (spend) our holiday in Casablanca, but my mother suggested (go) to Marzouga.
    23. He got an excellent mark in his exam. He must have (work) hard for it.
    24. Jamal (begin) his career as an assistant teacher in 1990. He (work) in many private schools since then. However, he is not happy with his job anymore. That’s why he decided (retire) next year.
    25. Last week, I (play) football with my friends and I (break) my leg. As a result, I (not/go) to school because I (not/can) walk. I (miss) many exams. I wish I (not/play) football, because if I (not/paly) it, I (not/break) my leg.
    26. Although their teachers advise them (not/use) their phones in class, students enjoy (take) pictures of themselves in the classroom.
    27. Before Tommy (become) a manager, he (be) an assistant for several years.
    28. If you (be) careful, you would not have (delete) all your computer files.
    29. The situation of your health is getting worse. You should have (see) a doctor before.
    30. This is the best film I (ever/watch) in my life.
    31. Leila (get) her degree in management before she was (hire) by that company.
    32. This task is not so easy (solve). It needs so much skill and concentration.
    33. I (wait) for my friend for so long before he finally (show) up

    مواضيع مهمة أيضا

    Word Form Changing Exercise: 2-BAC

    تمارين تحويل الكلمات إلى الصيغة المناسبة (أهم الكلمات في كل الوحدات)

    English With Simo

    Put The Words Between Brackets In The Correct Form

    1. Young people are known to be (talent) in different domains.
    2. My friend is never scared of anything. She is an (adventure) girl.
    3. This film is based on an (imagination) story. It’s not real.
    4. Some students have dreams to be pilots in the future. They are (ambition) students.
    5. Do you have the (audacious) to go out at night alone?
    6. Tom and Jerry are the most (humor) cartoons kids love.
    7. Hodja tales are very (fun) and amusing.
    8. I don’t agree with the old saying: “Money can’t buy (happy).
    9. You shouldn’t be a (pessimism) person in your life. You should be (optimism) .
    10. My father was not serious when he said that. He was just (kid) .
    11. Formal (educate) is the type of learning that students take from primary school to university.
    12. To get a good job in Morocco, you need both (know) and experience.
    13. Owing to (illiterate) and (poor) girls in rural areas work as housemaids in cities.
    14. Many Moroccan teachers are complaining about the inappropriate (behave) of teenager students.
    15. The government as well as associations should (cooperation) to improve the situation of education
    16. The aim of this campaign is to raise (aware) about the dangers of drug use at school.
    17. The government is trying to reduce the rate of (illiterate) in rural areas,
    18. This initiative will contribute the (economy) development of our society.
    19. “Economic (grow) is our priority to achieve development,” said the minister.
    20. United Nations signed an (agree) with the militias to stop the war in the middle east.
    21. Time (manage) is the key to success.
    22. The current excessive (consume) of natural resources will put us in danger in the long term.
    23. Women contribute to the (develop) of our society just like men do.
    24. Some sociologists proclaim that women are as (power) as men.
    25. “We should (improvement) house maids wages” an NGO member said.
    26. Women associations are calling for (equal) an many other rights.
    27. Everyone is (freedom) to express his opinion about the issue.
    28. Most rural women are (ignorance) and (illiteracy) that’s why they attend adult (literate) programs.
    29. Some Moroccan women have proven that they are (success) in all domains of life.
    30. My uncle made all the necessary (arrange) for the wedding celebration.
    31. Nowadays most people are not (interest) in celebration “moussem” in Morocco.
    32. We have to accept (difference) cultures in order to avoid culture shock.
    33. In Summer, people celebrate different (culture) events and rituals.
    34. In wedding celebrations men and women wear (tradition) clothes.
    35. I don’t (belief) in ghosts and magic. The boy said.
    36. Moroccan people are very (hospitality) because they offer food to strangers.
    37. African Americans believe that the whites are very (racism) in USA.
    38. Morocco is known for its cultural (diverse) because we have different cultures.
    39. There must be an international (cooperate) to stop the war in Syria.
    40. The boy was (courage) enough to ask the president a few questions.
    41. Active citizenship refers to the (involve) of youth in political life.
    42. The (govern) should consider a (difference) approach to education.
    43. Active citizens usually take part in (volunteer) work.
    44. It was a great (initiate) from Mrs. Najia Nadir to donate money to build a school in Settate Morocco.
    45. By taking part in politics, young people can (contribution) to positive changes in society.
    46. Citizens should always promote (nation) values and combat hate speech and racism.
    47. Many factories are closed because of (finance) difficulties.
    48. One objective of UN is to provide medical (assist) to victims of natural disasters.
    49. Moroccan association will (co-operation) together to reduce to rate of illiteracy.
    50. The organization of Green Peace’s objective to fight against (ecology) problems.
    51. Pollution is of the most dangerous (environment) problems that we organizations should give (prior) to.
    52. Forcing your children to drop out of school is a (violate) of human rights.
    53. Some organizations use online advertisements to promote (aware) in the world.
    54. Young people’s (involve) in politics is a good indicator for change in the future.
    55. “Paying taxes contributes the economic (grow) of the county” said the minister.
    56. Virtual Reality is one of the biggest (invent) of our time.
    57. Internet (addict) is a very dangerous phenomenon.
    58. Watching TV for a long time is considered to be (harm) for the eyes.
    59. Using mobile phones while driving can be very (danger) for drivers.
    60. Cloning is one of the most controversial scientific (discover).
    61. Some students come up with very (creativity) ideas that show they can (achievement) a lot in the future.
    62. Bluetooth technology enables one device to (connection) to another without a cable.
    63. Private companies can also contribute to the (develop) of our economy.
    64. An (immigration) from France declared that he suffered a lot from (race) and discrimination.
    65. Some Gulf businessmen are very (wealth) because their countries export petrol.
    66. Brain Drain is the departure of (skill) workers from their countries to developed countries to look for better-paying jobs.
    67. The (govern) should help graduated students and genius students so that they will not leave their countries.
    68. Many technology (invent) have made our lives easier and more comfortable.
    69. This campaign is organized to fight against (unemployed) and (legal) immigration.
    70. Your spoken English still needs more (improve).
    71. My friend always gets (finance) support from his father. I think he will never be (dependent).
    72. I know that the exercise is difficult, but if you need any (clarify) do not hesitate to ask me.
    73. Can you please (illustration) this idea more because I don’t understand it well.
    74. When you finish writing this letter make sure you don’t forget your (sign).
    75. You should submit this paper (immediate) after you complete it.
    76. Many immigrants know that it is (risk) to overstay your visa in western countries.
    77. Because of (economy) crisis many countries got money from the world bank.
    78. The international community is planning to give more importance to (renew) energy.
    79. Our country’s (invest) in renewable energy is the first step towards achieving (sustain) development.
    80. This course is very (benefit) for students who are planning to continue their studies abroad.
    81. We should all work together to promote (universe) values such as peace and love.
    82. My friend did not make the right (decide) when he applied for that course at university.
    83. Ali’s (child) was not a happy one because his parents died in a car accident when he was two.
    84. Thanks to the driver’s (react), a lot of lives were saved.
    85. Internet (literate) is something that our children should be aware of.
    86. Why did you (conclusion) your essay with an idea that is off-topic?
    87. Internet (safe) has become a priority for all users.
    88. You should have submitted your (apply) a long time ago. It’s too late now.
    89. The aim of this medical project is to (prevention) the spread of the virus in our area.
    90. Mobile games have become a new way of (entertain) for many people nowadays.

    مواضيع مهمة أيضا

    Vocabulary Exercises BAC EXAM-2015

    جميع تمارين المعجم من الإمتحانات الوطنية لسنة 2015

    English With Simo

    Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the list
    1. To sustain our economic , we need to preserve our natural resources.
    2. The government awarded a prize to a non-governmental organization for its efforts to fight .
    Development – gap – illiteracy – critical – access
    3. One way to sustain is to use renewable energies.
    Immigration – development – donation
    4. Drooping out of school is common among children coming from areas.
    5. Providing care for sick people is a basic human right.
    Justice – obligation – rural – health – civil
    6. Health is one of the priorities of the new president.
    Public – care – result
    7. A good educational system provides opportunities for all students.
    Common – rural – equal
    Put the words between brackets in the correct form
    8. By Joining NGOs, young people can make a positive (contribute) to society.
    9. UN officials are concerned about the fast population (grow) in developing countries.
    10. Doing some (volunteer) work for your community is an act of good (citizen).
    11. The headmaster says that students should (application) for scholarships before May 15th.
    12. Many NGOs are teaching (illiteracy) women to read and write.
    13. My father bought me a (digit) camera for my birthday.
    14. The headmaster thanked the parents for their (involve) in all school projects.
    15. My father bought me a (digit) camera for my birthday.
    16. The headmaster thanked the parents for their (involve) in all school projects.
    17. Forcing children to work is a serious (violate) of their basic rights.
    18. Many people think that only (wealth) families can provide quality education for their kids.
    19. We need a (science) explanation of this phenomenon.
    20. Physical (punish) is forbidden in schools.

    Wishes Practice Exercises Interactive Exercises

    تمرين تفاعلي خاص بدرس التعبير عن التمني و الندم

    English With Simo

    Fill in the blanks with the correct form forms.

    I want to buy a computer, but I don’t have enough money.
    ◼️ I wish I enough money.
    I didn’t concentrate in class. That’s why I got a very bad mark.
    ◼️ If only I in class.
    It’s a pity, I didn’t take part in the second competition.
    ◼️ I wish I part in the second competition.
    What a pity, I didn’t send them a message on time.
    ◼️ If only I them a message on time.
    I can’t drive this car because I don’t have a driving license.
    ◼️ I wish I a diving license.
    I don’t understand you because I can’t speak Italian.
    ◼️ I wish I speak Italian.
    I can’t see you while chatting because I don’t have a webcam.
    ◼️ I wish I a webcam.
    My friend lost all his money in a lottery last Monday.
    ◼️ My friend wishes he all his money.
    It’s a pity, I didn’t study computer science.
    ◼️ If only I computer science.
    My son does not revise his lessons daily.
    ◼️ I wish my son his lessons daily.
    I am not very rich that’s why I can buy this expensive car.
    ◼️ I wish I rich.
    Najat dropped out of school at an early age.
    ◼️ Her family wish Najat out of school at ab early age.
    It’s a pity, I didn’t watch my favorite show yesterday because I fell asleep.
    ◼️ I wish I asleep.
    Jamal lost his job because he was so reckless.
    ◼️ The boss wishes Jamal so reckless.
    We work more than 10 hours a day in this company.
    ◼️ The workers wish they 10 hours a day.
    تحميل وثيقة تمارين الدرس

    Conditional Practice Exercises Interactive Exercises

    تمرين تفاعلي خاص بدرس الجمل الشرطية

    English With Simo

    Fill in the blanks with the correct form forms.
    1. They didn't play football because the weather wasn't nice.
    ◼️ If the weather nice, they football.
    2. Charles didn't come early. Therefore, he didn't meet his boss.
    ◼️ Charlie his boss if he early.
    3. Ahmed didn't buy the car because he didn't have enough money.
    ◼️ If Ahmed enough money, he the car.
    4. My team didn't start training on time. That's why they lost the tournament.
    ◼️ If my team training on time, they the tournament.
    5. James failed the driving test because he didn't do more practice.
    ◼️ If james more practice, he the driving test.
    6. Anna didn't know my address. She didn't invite me to her party.
    ◼️ Anna me if she my address.
    7. Rachel's son became a criminal because his parents left him an early age.
    ◼️ If his parents him at an early age, Rachel's son a criminal.
    8. I didn't wake up early. That's why I missed the train to work.
    ◼️ If I up early, I the train to work.
    9. I didn't know about your success. I didn't bring you a present.
    ◼️ If I about your address, I you a present.
    10. John didn't follow the doctor's advice. Therefore, the situation of his health got worse.
    ◼️ If John the doctor's advice, the situation of his health worse.
    تحميل وثيقة تمارين الدرس

    Phrasal Verbs Interactive Exercises

    تمارين تفاعلية حول الأفعال المركبة

    English With Simo

    Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list

    look up | stand for | make up | bring about | apply for

    1. You should not believe that boy because he can always excuses when he is late.
    2. When students read a text, they should use a dictionary to difficult words.
    3. John asked his wife to a new job to help him provide for the family.
    4. The government has introduced a new plan to important changes in education.
    5. Ali: What does NGO ? Ahmed: It means non-governmental organizations.

    broke down | look after | run out | fill in | turn down

    1. We should go to the gas station because the car will of gaz soon.
    2. Thomas wated to mary Amina, but she will his marriage proposal because he is not serious.
    3. Amina and her sister their litte brother when their mother goes to work.
    4. Some students did not their personal information correctly. That's why the adminisration didnt accept them.
    5. I didn't send you a message last night because my phone last night.
    come back | apply for | fill in | bring about | set up

    1. You should your personal information in this form.
    2. Next year, I will a visa to USA to spend my summer holiday there.
    3. My friend is studying busisness management because he wants to a business in the future.
    4. My uncle lives in France. He has lived there for many years. Next year, he will to Morocco.
    5. The objective of the Moroccan family code is to some positive changes to the social condition of women.
    find out | give up | looking forward | stand for | came up

    1. I miss my family so much. I am to seeing them next week.
    2. Did you how this machine works? or no.
    3. The initials NGO non-governmental organizations.
    4. My father managed to smoking when he got married to my mother.
    5. After thinking for a long time, some students with brilliant ideas for their projects.
    look for | makes up | figure out | put off | look after

    1. Smith comes late to work every day. He always stories to justify his mistake.
    2. Lena is looking for someone to her baby when she goes to work.
    3. We have not finished the project. As a result, we will the meeting until next week.
    4. I don't know where my keys are! I will them in the other room.
    5. Leila's father is trying to why she is getting bad marks at school this year.
    bring up | boke down | take up | give up | brought up

    1. Many Moroccan football players were born and in European countries.
    2. Ali and his wife decided to emigrate to Canada so as to their children in better life conditions.
    3. We did not go to Casablanca last weekend because my friend's car and he hasn't fixed it yet.
    4. If you want to be healthy again, you should eating fast food and drinking soda.
    5. Next summer, I will running because I want to lose some weight.
    wakes up | make up | turn down | set up | take up

    1. Some students silly excuses to justify their behaviors in class.
    2. I think you need to a new hobby next holiday.
    3. They invited my friend to teach English in China, but he will the offer since the salary is not very good.
    4. He is very punctual. He at six O'clock every morning.
    5. Teacher of English in my school will a new English club for students to share their creative ideas.
    take off | agree with | find out | set up | pick up

    1. I respect his opinion, but I don't him in that point.
    2. Jamila will a new foundation in Marrakesh to help women and children in need.
    3. Although he stayed in Agadir for many years. Khalid did not any Amazigh words.
    4. The plane to Madrid will at 8:00 am from Marrakesh airport.
    5. The ministry of education is doing a research to the reasons behind dropping out of school in rural areas.
    log on | take off | check in | put on | back up

    1. People must their shoes before they enter a mosque. It's a way to show respect.
    2. It's very cold outside, why don't you your jacket?
    3. I lost my password. I can't my Facebook account.
    4. I accidently deleted all the pictures on my phone. Do you know any application to the deleted pictures?
    5. My friend's wedding celebration will five-star hotel in Marrakesh.
    show up | keep on | cheer up | eat out | run away

    1. We should not stop here! we will walking till we get to a safe place.
    2. We have been waiting for Jack for five hours! If he does not , we will just go home.
    3. The criminal managed to before the police arrived at the crime scene.
    4. We don't have enough food in the fridge today, we should in McDonalds.
    5. He was very angry! but his friends helped him to and smile again.

    Unit Four Functions

    Expressing Cause and Effect

    English With Simo

    Expressions Of Cause and Effect Examples

    Expressions Meaning Examples
    ■ Because
    ■ Since
    ■ As
    ■ For
    كل هذه العبارات لها نفس المعني و هو "لأن" و تعبر عن السبب My students get excellent marks in their exams because they revise their lessons everyday.
    تلاميذي يحصلون على نقط متميزية لأنهم يراجعون دروسهم كل يوم
    ■ As a result
    ■ Consequently
    ■ Therefore
    ■ As a consequence
    ■ Because of this
    ■ That's why
    ■ So
    ■ Thus
    ■ For this reason
    ■ Hence
    كل هذه العبارات لها نفس المعني و هو "كنتيجة لذلك" و تعبر عن النتيجة My students revise their lessons everyday As a result, they get excellent marks in their exams.
    تلاميذي يراجعون دروسهم كل يوم، كنتيجة لذلك يحصلون على نقط متميزة في إمتحاناتهم.

    Quiz One

    Choose the correct expression of cause and effect from the list given (10 points)

    1. A lot of students drop out of school their families are poor.
    2. Ali was very sick yesterday. he couldn't go to school.
    3. Many women in rural areas are illiterate. they joined adult literacy classes.
    4. The students retured to their houses the teacher was absent.
    5. Amine woke up very late yesterday. he missed the train to work.
    6. Hafsa gets good grades in her school she makes great effort in her studies.
    7. Amine didn't revise his lessons. he didn't pass his final exam.
    8. The pilot decided not to take off the weather was very bad.
    9. The meeting was cancelled the manager was very sick last week.
    10. My grandmother has been taking literacy classes she can now read and write.

    Simple Past and Past Perfect Exercises

    تحميل وثيقة تمارين مراجعة زمن الماضي البسيط و زمن الماضي التام

    English With Simo

    معلومات عن الوثيقة

    هذه الوثيقة مهمة جدا لمراجعة درس زمن الماضي البسيط و زمن الماضي التام.
    تتضمن الوثيقة مجموعة من التمارين التي ستساعدك على فهم زمن الماضي البسيط (simple past) و زمن الماضي التام (past perfect).
    التمرين الأول: جدول يتضمن صيغ الأفعال المنتظمة (regular verbs) و الأفعال الغير المنتظمة (irregular verbs).
    التمرين الثاني: نمودج تمرين الإمتحانات من خلاله ينبغي على المتعلم وضع الفعل الذي يوجد بين قوسين في زمن الماضي البسيط (simple past).
    التمرين الثالت: إعداة كتابة فقرة كامة في زمن الماضي البسيط.
    التمرين الرابع: نمودج تمرين الإمتحانات من خلاله ينبغي على المتعلم وضع الفعل الذي يوجد بين قوسين في زمن الماضي التام (past perfect).
    رابط تحميل الوثيقة

    مواضيع مهمة أيضا

    Interactive Exercises

    Put the verbs between brackets in simple past.
    ■ We (visit) many beautiful places in Paris last holiday.
    ■ You (not/call) me last night. You should have called me.
    ■ Students (study) this English lesson last year.
    ■ Yesterday, my friends and I (go) to cinema.
    ■ Mr. Thomas (leave) his job in 2001.
    ■ A: (you/work) in a hotel before? B: No, I didn’t.
    ■ A: (you/go) to work yesterday? B: Yes, I did.
    ■ Many friends (come) to my birthday party last year.
    ■ I (be) very happy when my father bought me a computer last month.
    ■ Students (be) happy when the teacher postponed the exam.

    Put the verbs between brackets in simple past or past perfect.
    ■ I (already/finish) my homework last night before I (start) watching my favourite TV show.
    ■ Achraf Hakimi (play) in Real Madrid before he (move) to Borussia Dortmund in 2018.
    ■ When I (arrive) to the train station yesterday, the train (already/leave) that’s why I arrived late.
    ■ Ahmed (know) Amina for many years before they (get) married last year.
    ■ We were late for the meeting last night. By the time we (arrive), the meeting (already/start).
    ■ Yesterday, I (go) to the city to meet my friend because I (not/see) him for years.
    ■ Last week, I (visit) the hospital where the ambulance (take) my mother.
    ■ After Khalid (be) in UK for many years, he (come) back to Morocco last year.
    ■ As soon as he (finish) his studies, my friend (apply) for a visa last year.

    Education Vocabulary Interactive Exercise

    تمارين تفاعلية لمراجعة معجم التربية و التعليم (الوحدة الثالثة)

    English With Simo

    Fill in the blanks with the correct words from the list
    Click and Drop click on a word or phrase in the box above and then on the appropriate gap.
    1. Tamazight and Darija are the of Moroccan people.
    2. The government built many schools to in rural areas.
    3. Ahmed of school because his parents had financial problems.
    4. Students who come from the countryside live in the in their high school studies.
    5. Before my grandmother joined she couldn't read or write anything.
    6. Many do not find jobs in Morocco. As a result, they always go on strikes.

    Put the words between brackets in the correct form

    1. The Moroccan government is making great efforts to fight (illiterate) in rural areas.
    2. Students who come from (poverty) families do not complete university studies.
    3. Although he had many problems in his childhood, my friend became a (success) businessman.
    4. This association provides (finance) support to poor families.
    5. Nilso Mandella said: " (educate) is the most powerful weapon.
    6. Reading books and doing research raises your (aware) about global issues.
    7. Poverty and unemployment are the most challenging (society) problems in Morocco.
    8. Many parents do not understand the (important) of education that's why they don't send their kids to school.
    9. After students (graduation) from high school. They complete their higher studies at university.
    10. To get a job in that company, you need both (know) and experience.

    English Grammar Lessons

    Simple Modals Quiz

    English With Simo

    Modal Meaning Function Example
    Can أستطيع Ability My brother is very intelligent. He can speak five languages.
    Could كنت أستطيع Past ability When I was 10 years old, I could play the piano very well, but now I can't
    May ربما Possibility I am not so sure, but if I have some time, I may see you next week.
    Might من المحتمل أن Probability The sky is so cloudy this morning, it might rain this afternoon.
    Must من اللازم أن Obligation When you see the red light, you must stop your car and wait for the green light
    Must من المؤكد أن Certainty This man is always smiling. He must be an optimistic person.
    Have to من الضروري أن Necessity You have to come to the meeting. It's very important.
    Need to من الضروري أن Necessity We don't have any food in the fridge. We need to go shopping in the afternoon.
    Needn't ليس من الضروري أن Lack of Necessity You are fine now. You needn't go to the hospital.
    Should ينبغي أن Advice You are very sick. You should go visit a doctor.
    Ought to ينبغي أن Advice Students ought to revise their lessons because they have exams.
    can't لا يمكن أن Prohibition People can't kiss in public places in our country
    mustn't لا يمكن أن Prohibition People mustn't throw waste in the streets.
    had to كان لابد أن Past obligation I didn't finish my work on time. That's why I had to stay up late yesterday.

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