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  • ✅جميع وظائف اللغة (Language Functions) مع التمارين للثانية بكالوريا | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    ✅جميع وظائف اللغة (Language Functions) مع التمارين للثانية بكالوريا | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    Language Functions for Second Year Baccalaureate

    مرحبا بك في موقع الإنجليزية مع السيمو [English With Simo] في هذا هذا الدرس أقدم لك جميع وظائف اللغة لمستوى البكالوريا لجميع الشعب، المطلوب منك هو قراءة جميع التعابير الموجودة في الصور ثم إنجاز التمرين أسفله. التمرين هو نمودج تفاعلي من تمارين إمتحانات البكالوريا. المرجو مشاركة الموضوع في مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي ليستفيد الكل.

    Language Functions for Second Year Baccalaureate

    Expressing Opinion (التعبير عن الرأي) Expressing Agreement (الإتفاق مع الرأي)
    ✅I think that...
    ✅I believe that ...
    ✅It seems to me that...
    ✅For me ...
    ✅To my mind...
    ✅As far as I am concerned ...
    ✅I agree with you.
    ✅I think so too.
    ✅I feel the same way about it.
    ✅I couldn't agree more.
    ✅Yeah, definitely.
    ✅You are absolutely right.
    Expressing Disagreement (عدم الإتفاق مع الرأي) Asking for Advice (طلب النصيحة)
    ✅I disagree with you.
    ✅I dont think so.
    ✅I dont feel the same way about it.
    ✅That's not always the case.
    ✅I am afraid I disagree.
    ✅Not necessarily.
    ✅Can you advise me please?
    ✅What do you think I should do?
    ✅What do you advise me?
    ✅What should I do?
    ✅What can I do?
    ✅Can you give me an advice?
    Giving Advice (إعطاء النصيحة) Making Requests (تقديم الطلب)
    ✅I advise you to ...
    ✅You should ...
    ✅You ought to ...
    ✅You'd better ...
    ✅If I were you, I would...
    ✅The best thing you can do is...
    ✅Can you please ...?
    ✅Would you please ...?
    ✅Could you please ...?
    ✅Will you please ...?
    ✅I was wondering if you could...?
    ✅Do you mind if ...?
    Accepting a Request (قبول الطلب) Complaining (الشكوى)
    ✅Yes, sure 🙂
    ✅With pleasure 🙂
    ✅Of course 🙂
    ✅Yeah, why not 🙂
    ✅Yeah, I'd love to 🙂
    ✅No problem 🙂 go ahead.
    ✅Excuse me but, ...😡
    ✅I am sorry to say this, but ...😡
    ✅I have a complaint to make: ...😡
    ✅I am not very satisfied with ...😡
    ✅Sorry, but ...😡
    ✅I am so angry about ...😡
    Apologizing (الإعتدار) Prohibition (المنع)
    ✅I am so sorry 🙁
    ✅I am awfully sorry 🙁
    ✅I apologize for ...🙁
    ✅Pardon me 🙁
    ✅I am sorry, I didnt mean to ...🙁
    ✅I beg your pardon 🙁
    ✅It is forbiden to ...⛔️
    ✅You must not ...⛔️
    ✅You can not ...⛔️
    ✅It is impossible to ...⛔️
    ✅You just can't ...⛔️
    ✅You must not...⛔️
    Lack of Understanding (التعبير عن عدم الفهم) Asking For Clarification (طلب التوضيح)
    ✅I am sorry, I dont understand😐
    ✅I am not quite following you😐
    ✅I beg your pardon😐
    ✅I am sorry, I didnt get your point😐
    ✅I don't see what you mean here😐
    ✅I didnt get your point😐
    ✅Can you clarify please?
    ✅Can you explain more please?
    ✅What do you mean exactly?
    ✅Could you be more explicit please?
    ✅Can you repeat please?
    ✅Can you say that differently please?
    Suggestion (الإقتراح) Respond to good news (الرد على الأخبار السعيدة)
    ✅Let's go ...
    ✅Why don't we ...?
    ✅How about ...?
    ✅I have a suggestion: ...
    ✅It's a good idea to ...
    ✅What about ...?
    ✅That's great news 😀
    ✅I am so happy to hear that 😀
    ✅Wow! that's awesome 😀
    ✅That is superb 😀
    ✅I am glad to hear that 😀
    ✅Congratulations 😀
    Asking for Permission (طلب الإذن) Giving Permission (إعطاء الإذن)
    ✅May I ...?
    ✅Can I ...?
    ✅Is it okay if I ...?
    ✅Can I have your permissin to ...?
    ✅Do you mind if I ...?
    ✅Am I allowed to ...?
    ✅Yeah sure 🙂
    ✅Sure 🙂
    ✅No problem 🙂
    ✅Yeah you can do that 🙂
    ✅Yeah why not 🙂
    ✅Of course 🙂
    Expressing Certainty (التعبير عن التأكد) Expressing Uncertainty (التعبير عن عدم التأكد)
    ✅It is crystal clear that...
    ✅No one can deny that ...
    ✅I am so sure that ...
    ✅It goes without say that ...
    ✅It is obvious that ...
    ✅I am not so sure that...🤔
    ✅I doubt it that...🤔
    ✅It is doubtful that...🤔
    ✅Maybe / probably 🤔
    ✅It is possible that...🤔

    Exercise: Language Functions for Second Year Baccalaureate

    إختر الجواب الصحيح

    1. It seems to me that computers will replace teachers in the future
    2. I don't understand English lessons, what should I do?
    3. Excuse me but, the food you served me is so salty.
    4. I am afraid I dont share the same point of view.
    5. You are right.I think so too.
    6. If I were you I would always revise my lessons. .
    7. I am terribly sorry for all the mess I did. .
    8. You must not use your phone in class when you have an exam. .
    9. Student: Can you please be more explicit teacher? .
    10. I am not quite following you regarding the last idea. .
    11. Sure, I can lend you 100$ my friend. .
    12. Could you please give me your phone to make a quick phone call? .
    13. I should never have accepted that invitation! .
    14. It's crystal clear that women contribute to social change. .
    15. I am glad to know that you passed your driving test .
    16. I doubt it that scientists will find a cure to AIDS in the future .
    17. I am so sorry to hear that you best friend had an accident. .
    18. Why don't we take a walk on the beach and enjoy the good weather. .
    19. Teacher: Yeah, sure you can go to the toilets. .
    20. Student: Teacher, may I go out for a second please.. .

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