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  • Review Of Common Collocations For Second Year BAC

    The most common collocations for second year BAC 

    الكلمات المركبة الأكثر تداولا في مستوى البكالوريا

    [collocations] هي كلمات مركبة تذهب غالبا مع بعضها البعض مثلا [sustainable development] التي تعني [التنمية المستدامة] أو [fighting illiteracy] التي تعني [محاربة الأمية] أو [tempting salaries] التي تعني [أجور مغرية]...إلى غير ذلك من الكلمات المركبة. هذه الكلمات مهم جدا تعلمها أولا لأنها تغني رصيدك المعرفي في اللغة الإنجليزية و ثانيا لأنك ستحتاجها في إمتحاناتك، لأنه دائما هناك نوعين من التمارين المتعلقة بالكلمات المركبة كما في هذه الأمثلة:
    النوع الأول: صل بخط بين الكلمات

    النوع الثاني: إملأ الفراغ بالكلمة المناسبة
    Common English Collocations For Second Year Bac

    هنا تجد أهم الكلمات المركبة الأكثر تداولا في مستوى الثانية بكالوريا مع الشرح بالعربية، إقرأها جيدا ثم قم بإنجاز التمرين أسفله لكي تتدرب على الإجابة على مثل تلك التمارين.
    Exercise On Collocations


    Choose the correct answer from the drop down menu
    1. I don't know your e-mail that's why I didn't contact you last night.
    2. Laura is a very funny girl, she has some super silly that make everyone laugh their heads off.
    3. Let's go out and have with others. We are really bored here.
    4. The conflict between young people and old people is called generation because one generation does not understand the other.
    5. Cultural means the existence of many cultures within one country.
    6. Skilled people who get very low prefer to emigrate to developed countries and look for a better life.
    7. Brain drain mean the emigration of skilled worked from underdeveloped to developed in order to look for a better life.
    8. NOGs provide financial to poor families in rural areas.
    9. Al Amana association in Morocco provides micro to people who want to start their own small projects.
    10. Many television think that 2M TV in Morocco does not respect Moroccan cultural values.
    11. The rate of dropping out of school is increasing mostly in rural because schools are located very far away from students.
    12. People who emigrate to other countries always experience culture because they come from a totally different culture.
    13. Brain drain also refers to the emigration of skilled to developed countries to look for a better life.
    14. The aim of our seminar is to raise of people about the dangers of not respecting the environment.
    15. On of the main reasons why intellectual people leave their countries in that they look for tempting in developed countries.
    16. Feminist movements are always fighting for gender because women are still considered inferior to men in many countries.
    17. May I use your mobile to make a quick call to my friend.
    18. In many third world countries people still don't have to the internet.
    19. The government is so worried about the issue of money in online ads because it's not a very secure business.
    20. Before the king gives a speech, the army forces always sing the national as a royal protocol.
    21. Good citizens always participate in community and work for the common good of their community.
    22. Rich families prefer to send their kids to study in a private because they believe that public schools don't provide quality education.
    23. The association in our village provides informal to women and old people in order to fight illiteracy.
    24. Political writes usually prefer to stay in a different country because they are looking for intellectual and peace.
    25. Morocco has just signed an international with European Union so as to exchange economic benefits.
    26. Our educational still needs so much improvement.
    27. The Red Cross organization provides medical to victims of war and natural disasters.
    28. We should teach our students the skill of taking because it helps them remember the content of the lesson.

    الإنجليزية مع السيمو هي منصة و مدونة تعليمية يستضيفها بشكل أساسي هذا الموقع الرسمي و قناة تعليمية على منصة اليوتوب و الفايسبوك تحت نفس الإسم ، ويديرها الأستاذ محمد بوجامع من المغرب. تهدف هذه القناة إلى تعليم اللغة الإنجليزية للناطقين بالعربية، مع التركيز على جعل الدروس سهلة الفهم لجميع الأعمار والمستويات. تقدم القناة مجموعة متنوعة من المحتوى، بما في ذلك تمارين لمتعلمي اللغة الإنجليزية، ودروس تعليمية حول القواعد والمفردات، ودروس محددة مصممة للطلاب المغاربة الذين يستعدون لامتحان البكالوريا و الإمتحانات الجامعية و مختلف الإمتحانات المتعلقة بتعلم اللغة الإنجليزية.

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