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  • ✅إنشاء حول الفقر (poverty) أسابه، نتائجه و الحلول | causes, effects and solutions of poverty

    ✅إنشاء حول الفقر (poverty) أسابه، نتائجه و الحلول | causes, effects and solutions of poverty

    Writing: Causes, Effects and Solutions of Poverty

    Second Year Baccalaureate

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    إنشاء حول الفقر أسابه، نتائجه و الحلول

    الفقر (poverty) من بين المواضيع المتداولة في محتوى دروس الثانية بكالوريا لجميع الشعب، و يندرج موضوع الفقر (poverty) ضمن المواضيع المتعقلة بمجزوءة التربية و التعليم (education) مجزوءة التنمية المستدامة (sustainable development) و كذلك مجزوءة هجرة الأدمغة (brain drain). لهذا، فمن المطلوب من المتعلمين في سنة الثانية بكالوريا التوفر على مجموعة من الأفكار حول ظاهرة الفقر (poverty) أسبابها (causes) نتائجها (effects) و بعض الحلول (solutions) لمحاربة الفقر. هذا من أجل كتابة فقرة متناسقة و منسجمة حول الموضوع. هنا في موقع الإنجليزية مع السيمو (English With Simo) أقدم لك مجموعة من الفقرات المنسجمة و المتسقة حول المواضيع المهمة و الأكثر تداولا في سلك الثانوي التأهيلي عامة و مستوى الثانية بكالوريا خاصة.

    Causes, Effects and Solutions of Poverty

    Poverty can be defined as the inability to afford basic human needs like food, drinks, medicine, a shelter and many other supplies to survive. Many countries suffer from this phenomenon. However, the rates of poverty vary from one country to another. For example, in African countries the rate of poverty is very high whereas it is lower in European countries. Poverty, just like any other social issue, has several causes and effects. For example, in some countries, poverty is increasing because of corruption and inequality. That is to say, there is no equal distribution of wealth between citizens. As a result, The poor becomes poorer and the rich gets richer. Besides, low quality educational systems create unskilled people who can’t have access to high paying jobs. Consequently, they remain poor. Other causes of poverty include matters like wars, political instability, natural disasters and overpopulation. Concerning consequences, this widespread phenomenon brings about a number of issues. In Africa, for example, many people emigrate to Europe to look for a better life. The ones who remain in their homeland struggle to survive amidst a flood of hardships like malnutrition, diseases and hard life conditions. More effects of poverty include issues like illiteracy, crimes, dug use, unemployment, divorce and suicide. Actually, no one can deny that poverty is a hazardous humanitarian disaster. Therefore, measures should be taken to reduce the rate of poverty and secure a better life for citizens. In other words, governments should create more job opportunities. In addition, they should provide high quality education for citizens so that they can have access to better paying jobs in the future. Furthermore, they should impose severe penalties on people who are engaged in all forms of corruption.
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