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  • ✅معجم المواطنة (Citizenship Vocabulary) للثانية بكالوريا + تمارين تفاعلية | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    ✅معجم المواطنة (Citizenship Vocabulary) للثانية بكالوريا + تمارين تفاعلية | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    Citizenship Vocabulary

    Second Year Baccalaureate

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    Definition of Citizenship

    Citizenship refers to the status of being a member of a particular country with rights to enjoy and responsibilities to consider. Every citizen should be an active participant in social, economic, political and cultural life of his country. It also involves equality in rights and duties between citizens of different race, skin color, beliefs and origin.
    المواطنة تعود على كون الشخص فردا ينتمي لدولة ما مع التمتع بمجموعة من الحقوق و أخد بعين الإعتبار مجموعة من الواجبات. كل مواطن ينبغي أن يكون مشاركا فاعلا في الحياة الإجتماعية و السياسية و الإقتصادية و الثقافية في دولته. الموطنة تشمل كذلك المساواة بين المواطنين في الحقوق و الواجبات كيفما كان أصلهم و عرقهم و لونهم و معتقداتهم.

    Rights of Citizens

    ✅Every citizen should enjoy civil rights, political rights as well as economic, social and cultural rights.
    كل مواطن ينبغي أن يتمتع بمجموعة من الحقوق و تشمل الحقوق المدنية و السياسية و الإجتماعية و الإقتصادية و الثقافية.

    🔴Civil Rights (الحقوق المدينة)

    ✅The right to life
    ✅The right to property
    ✅The right to movement
    ✅The right to personal privacy
    ✅The right to equality before the law
    ✅The right to security and peace
    ✅The right to Education
    ✅The right to personal freedom

    🔴Political Rights (الحقوق السياسية)

    ✅The right to vote
    ✅The right to belong to a political party
    ✅The right to nomination for position of responsibility
    ✅The right to set up a political party
    ✅The right to criticize
    ✅The right to oppose the government

    🔴Economic, Social, Cultural Rights (الحقوق الإقتصادية و الإجتماعية و الثقافية)

    ✅The right to have enough food
    ✅The right to health care
    ✅The right to proper living
    ✅The right to participate in cultural life
    ✅The right to have a job
    ✅The right to have proper sewage
    ✅The right to have proper salary
    ✅The right to fixed hours of work

    Responsibilities of Citizens

    ✅Every Citizen should consider a set of responsibilities and duties. The major ones include:
    كل مواطن ينبغي أن يأخد بعين الإعتبار مجموعة من المسؤوليات و الواجبات. أبرزها يشمل:
    Loyalty to the country
    Defending the country
    Respecting the law
    Respecting public property
    Paying taxes
    Promoting national values

    Citizenship Vocabulary Practice Exercises

    ☑️Collocations (الكلمات المركبة)

    Citizenship Vocabulary Collocations
    Human Rights (حقوق الإنسان)
    Active Citizen (مواطن فاعل)
    Community Service (العمل الجمعوي)
    National Anthem (النشيد الوطني)
    Obey The law (الخضوع للقانون)
    Dual Citizenship (مواطنة ثنائية)
    Voluntary Work (العمل التطوعي)
    Global Citizenship (المواطنة العالمية)
    Property Right (حق الملكية)
    Political Party (حزب سياسي)
    Local Community (جماعة محلية)
    Common Good (الصالح العام)
    🔴Choose to correct word from the list given to complete the following sentences.
    1. A is someone who likes to do some work without being paid for it.
    2. Before the king gives the speech, the army forces sing the national of Morocco.
    3. Associations should make a great to improve the situation our local community.
    4. The primary goal of associations is to help and disabled people all over the country.
    5. ICRC provides medical to the wounded soldiers in armed conflicts.
    6. Many people in Morocco are not willing to because they lost confidence in political parties.
    7. One of the duties of every citizen is to pay in order to contribue to the economy of the country.
    8. Our organization is working for the good of our society by doing vlountary work.
    9. Many people in remote areas dont have access to proper care services in Morocco.
    10. I think that young people should more actively in social and political life so they can have an influence on politics and making.
    11. Some students will do some work at school next week.

    ☑️Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives (الأفعال و الأسماء و الصفات)

    Verbs Nouns and Adjectives
    Verbs Nouns Adjectives
    🔴Put the words between brackets in the correct form.
    ✅ There must be an international (cooperate) to stop the war in Syria.
    ✅ The boy was (courage) enough to ask the president a few questions.
    ✅ Active citizenship refers to the (involve) of youth in political life.
    ✅ The (govern) should consider a (difference) approach to education.
    ✅ Active citizens usually take part in (volunteer) work.
    ✅ It was a great (initiate) from Mrs. Najia Nadir to donate money to build a school in Settate Morocco.
    ✅ By taking part in politics, young people can (contribution) to positive changes in society.
    ✅ Citizens should always promote (nation) values and combat hate speech and (race).

    تحميل وثيقة تمارين معجم المواطنة للثانية بكالوريا

    الإنجليزية مع السيمو مدونة للأستاذ محمد بوجامع من المغرب. هذه المدونة مصممة لمساعدة المتعلمين العرب على فهم جميع دروس اللغة الإنجليزية لجميع المستويات و كذلك تأهيل المتعلمين لإجتياز الإمتحانات الوطنية بنقط مشرفة. لذلك يتم إستعمال اللغة العربية لشرح دروس الإنجليزية مع تقديم تمارين، نمادج إمتحانات، شروحات بالفيديو و كذلك كتب و برامج تعلم الإنجليزية.

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