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  • الثانية بكالوريا: مراجعة عامة لدرس (Simple Modals) مع تمارين تفاعلية | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    الثانية بكالوريا: مراجعة عامة لدرس (Simple Modals) مع تمارين تفاعلية | الإنجليزية مع السيمو

    Unit Two Grammar

    English Simple Modals

    English With Simo

    English Modals + Examples

    Modal Meaning Function Example
    Can أستطيع Ability My brother is very intelligent. He can speak five languages.
    Could كنت أستطيع Past ability When I was 10 years old, I could play the piano very well, but now I can't
    May ربما Possibility I am not so sure, but if I have some time, I may see you next week.
    Might من المحتمل أن Probability The sky is so cloudy this morning, it might rain this afternoon.
    Must من اللازم أن Obligation When you see the red light, you must stop your car and wait for the green light
    Must من المؤكد أن Certainty This man is always smiling. He must be an optimistic person.
    Have to من الضروري أن Necessity You have to come to the meeting. It's very important.
    Need to من الضروري أن Necessity We don't have any food in the fridge. We need to go shopping in the afternoon.
    Needn't ليس من الضروري أن Lack of Necessity You are fine now. You needn't go to the hospital.
    Should ينبغي أن Advice You are very sick. You should go visit a doctor.
    Ought to ينبغي أن Advice Students ought to revise their lessons because they have exams.
    can't لا يمكن أن Prohibition People can't kiss in public places in our country
    mustn't لا يمكن أن Prohibition People mustn't throw waste in the streets.
    had to كان لابد أن Past obligation I didn't finish my work on time. That's why I had to stay up late yesterday.

    Quiz One

    Choose the correct modal auxiliary from the list given (20 points)

    1. People swim and run, but they can't fly like birds.
    2. I think that you revise your lessons because next week you have an exam.
    3. Everybody have a driving licence in order to drive a car.
    4. I am not sure of the exact time, but I come back tomorrow morning.
    5. Muslim people eat or drink during the day in Ramadan.
    6. Couples in Morocco kiss in public because it's against the social etiquette.
    7. You have been working all day my friend. You be very tired now.
    8. Tomorrow is Sunday, you wake up early.
    9. Mr. Tom has a very expensive car and big house. He be a very rich man.
    10. This boy got a very bad mark in his exam. He be an intelligent student.
    11. Yesterday, I didn't have Internet connection, that's why I go to cyber club to send you an e-mail.
    12. My grandfather play the piano very well when he was in his twenties.
    13. All people respect the law in order not to be in trouble.
    14. Students start revising their lessons at least one month before the exam.
    15. You should take an umbrella when you go out because it rain this afternoon. You never know.
    16. John go out with you today because he is very sick.
    17. I think that you drink too much coffee at night because you will not sleep well.
    18. We couldn't find a good appartment, that's why we go to a hotel.
    19. Moroccans say that the king Hassan II speak many languages when he was alive.
    20. You are very tired. You go to sleep and relax.

    الإنجليزية مع السيمو مدونة للأستاذ محمد بوجامع من المغرب. هذه المدونة مصممة لمساعدة المتعلمين العرب على فهم جميع دروس اللغة الإنجليزية لجميع المستويات و كذلك تأهيل المتعلمين لإجتياز الإمتحانات الوطنية بنقط مشرفة. لذلك يتم إستعمال اللغة العربية لشرح دروس الإنجليزية مع تقديم تمارين، نمادج إمتحانات، شروحات بالفيديو و كذلك كتب و برامج تعلم الإنجليزية.

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